Key influencers are passionate about their charity involvement and utilize BAT’s FanPhotosSM offering to create emotional connections to people via photos.  Our FanPhotos give access to the branded event photos within 24 hours, giving them a way to relive the event with commemorative keepsakes and an easy way to share within their social networks.  Spreading the word about any cause through FanPhotos is effective and easy.

BAT’s professional photographers directly engage attendees during the event, capture their photos, distribute branded photo redemption cards and serve as a unique one-to-one touch point.  

You can choose to distribute the photos freely via Fantapper or through a custom-branded storefront. Whichever you choose, BAT’s FanPhotos offering seamlessly and efficiently handles all of the backroom details including pricing, ordering, product fulfillment and customer service.

Expect 60-90% visit rates and drive awareness through your guest’s viral photo sharing on social media networks.