BAT® is the next generation celebrity marketing company. Our products & services give celebrities the most innovative tools to more deeply connect with and grow their fan base and extend their marketing & endorsement value.

Fantapper is a fan activation platform that lets influencers engage in a meaningful two-way dialog with fans, leveraging a visually inviting app to distribute messages via photos, videos, maps, and files.  Invite fans into the conversation within branded Fantapper channels you own and manage through desktop or mobile apps.  Keep the dialog going publicly with your entire fan base, or privately with a select group of people.
Key influencers are passionate about their charity involvement and utilize BAT’s FanPhotos offering to create emotional connections to people via photos.  BAT’s FanPhotos give fans access to branded event photos within 24 hours of an event and an easy way to share experiences within their social networks.  Spreading the word about any cause through FanPhotos is effective and easy.