Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT®), founded in 2007, is a technology and marketing services company focused on activating, engaging, and monetizing the FAN. BAT’s offerings power highly-targeted and interactive 360° fan-centric experiences and promotions. Our partners include thousands of celebrities, athletes, professional sports teams and leagues, and event promoters.

FanPhotos℠ is our fan photography division, reaching 10 million consumers annually at professional sporting events, concerts, festivals and private corporate-hosted events. Printroom captures 15 million+ photos each year, delivering additional revenue streams to teams, an experiential advertising channel for brands, and a memorable keepsake for consumers.

ROI Media Direct℠ is our media buying and endorsed media division. Based in San Diego, CA, ROI is a dominant leader in the space, working with companies in all verticals to deliver sustained positive campaign results. ROI’s Adcology approach applies a psychological mindset when developing campaigns: Who is the consumer? What does the consumer do/read/watch? What message does this consumer want to hear? What motivates this consumer? Additionally, using its strong buying power, ROI designs the strongest ad plan for our clients, moving ads to coveted positions within markets, programs, day parts, and rotations.

BAT was named the winner of 2010 & 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Digital Media Companies, and has been featured in the WSJ, NY Times, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, WIRED, CNN, Advertising Age, and SBJ.